Friday, December 12, 2008


Mayong is 34km away from Guwahati near the bank of Mighty Brahmaputra river, the nature and beauty here is still unspoiled and spell bounding.

There are several stories pertaining to the name Mayong , few say it to the land of Illusions or Maya, therefore the name Mayong originates from this aspect. During the time when northeast states were one under a common name Assam, it is believed that manipuris from the maibong clan used to inhabitat this area therefore, the name maibong became mayhong with time, since Mayong is a hilly area, it was full of elephants and in Manipuri language an elephant is called Miyong, hence few believe that Miyong became Mayong with time . There is also a legend associated with the name , it is said that the sacred parts of Godess Shakti, hence the older generation called it as Maa- R- Ongo, (parts of the goddess ), and later on it became Mayong.
Mayong was once called the Land of Black Magic, it is said that during the medival period in India the ancient Mayong kingdom occupies a very important palce in magic. It remain the indian capital of Black Magic and Witchcraft.
Mayong and Pragjyotishpura (ancient name of present day Assam) find place in several mythological epics including Mahabharata. Chief Ghatotkacha of Kachari Kingdom took part in ‘The Great Battle of Mahabharata ’ with his magical powers.

From time immortal, it is famous for supernatural stories. It is said that people come here from far and wide off area to learn magic. Some of the stories are like this : Once, a government employee was transferred to Mayong and was invited to a feast organized by a villager. He was served with delicious steamed pork, fish and other local delicacies. But one thing was missing, there were no chilies served. The officer requested for some from his host. The villager smiled and clapped, and the chilies came hopping on their own!! This is a true incident, which forced the officer to ask for a transfer out. This incident is actually a mild one, for people were known to be turned into tigers and pigs by the look of an eye.

Nowadays what remains of the Mayong is the name -the land of black magic cause the new generation here seldom practice this lost art of magic anymore , and people there at that time
has not written down the act of black magic, it all passed from mouth to mouth from generation to generation, Ony few have written it. What evolved now is Mayong became a launching pad of tourism because the land is rich in Wildlife, archeology pilgrimage, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism and river tourism.

The area is full of archeology relics and artifacts some discovered and some yet to be discovered.
Mayong Central Museum & Emporium in the village has preserved some of the ancient manuscript of Black Magic and Ayurveda.

For an illiterate villager in Assam, magic is a forbidden art, for a city-dweller it is a white lie. To a practitioner it is an echolike force or effect of cosmic energy from within. Though one cannot interpret a scientific cause of certain ‘uncommon’ incidents, the belief is sometimes so strong that there is no need for proof, no matter how irrational. There is still a lot to be explained and a lot more that sorely needs explanation, but maybe Maya or magic is one those aspects that lie beyond the penultimate exteriors of the human brain.


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